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Open Arms to International Adoption is a not-for-profit adoption agency assisting Ontario families to complete adoptions in China. Open Arms guides prospective families through the maze of paperwork and travel arrangements. Our services include:

  • Advising on the homestudy
  • Completion of the adoptive parents dossier to meet Chinese regulations
  • Immigration application
  • Translation
  • Meeting Canadian and Chinese legal requirements
  • Review of proposal for a child
  • Travel arrangements
  • Travel and translation within China
  • Post-placement reports

Our aim is to make the adoption process as smooth and glitch-free as possible by providing you with the support and information we know, from personal experience as adoptive parents, that you need. Open Arms has a network of volunteer families who have successfully completed adoptions from China. As you begin your own adoption journey, you will be matched with a resource person who will be there to answer questions, provide support and who understand the highs and lows associated with international adoption.

Open Arms will help you through the process of meeting Canada and China's adoption regulations. This includes advising you on the home study, preparing the formal dossier that meets China's adoption regulations, meeting Canadian legal requirements, and preparing for the trip overseas.  We have an excellent relationship and extensive contacts with the Chinese authorities – both at the state and federal level so that we know about the latest changes in the adoption process and regulations.

When the waiting is over and a child has been proposed to you by the Chinese authorities, we work with you to complete the papers on the Canadian side. Then it's time to get ready to go and we help you here as well with travel arrangements to, and within China, traveling lists, and information to help prepare for your visit to China.

The trip to China itself can be stressful. We know this from our own experiences as adoptive parents. That's why we make sure of as many details as possible before you even arrive in China. Once there, you'll be met by experienced interpreters and facilitators who are with you for the entire trip. It's the way we make sure that you focus on what you are there for--your new baby--and not on the niggling bits and pieces of the trip.

Once back in Canada, join in the many activities in which Open Arms families participate. We work in cooperation with other organizations to provide families with a full schedule of cultural celebrations including events such as Chinese New Years and a summer picnic.

You can see that we try to think of everything that can make your adoption a success. Contact us at the address below or  contact us by e-mail and let us tell you more about how we can help you.


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