We at Open Arms to International Adoption understand the urge to become involved right away can be overwhelming for many pre-adoptive families. You want to do something immediately that will get you started on your adoption journey. The web has a wealth of material that can help you plan your trip as well as adapting after getting back. Try some of the following sites. (As with everything on the internet, addresses change periodically. Information is correct as of this writing. Please let us know of others you may have found that we should post).


Listservs are private group e-mail co-operatives that let subscribers share their experiences and thoughts. There are several about adopting from China that may interest you. Each focuses on a particular aspect of the experience. If you have trouble accessing the listservs, check the main Families With Children From China (FCC) website to see if there have been any changes.

For people thinking about or in the process of adopting
APC (A-parents-china) — Most subscribers are from the United States, but there is fairly strong representation from Canada, the United Kingdom and several other countries. Issues discussed range from waiting times to paperwork (mostly of interest to Americans) to health of the children. Subscribe by going to the Onelist website. Available in digest form.

For people who have completed adoptions
PAC (post-adopt-china) — This is a sister list to PAC and is mainly geared to families who have adopted from China. Parents share anecdotes about their children and also discuss issues including language, health, attachment, and cultural issues. Subscribe by going to Onelist. Also available in digest form.

For single parents
Our Chinese Daughters Foundation — This list focuses on issues related to their special circumstances. To subscribe send an e-mail to the moderator.

Special needs
To join this list go to  Onelist and register as a ONELIST user. After receiving a confirmation message, send a subscribe message to If you have trouble subscribing, or questions, contact Marla Garr or Peg Helminski.


There are numerous magazines and newsletters in both print and on-line format for those in the adoption community. The selection below may be of special interest to Canadians.

Orientations — The quarterly newsletter of FCC–Toronto includes local adoption announcements, adoption stories, practical information on raising our children, cultural information, and a schedule of social and educational events in the Toronto area. A subscription to the newsletter is included with a membership to FCC. The annual dues are $25Cdn. Contact: FCC Toronto, P.O. Box 808, Station F, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2N7 or at

Adoption Helper — Founded in 1990, the quarterly Adoption Helper magazine is $32 per year and is an excellent resource for Canadians seeking information on Canadian adoption agencies. Available from: Adoption Helper, Box 1353, Southampton, Ontario N0H 2L0 or

Post Adoption Helper — Founded in 1997 as a companion to Adoption Helper magazine. Subscriptions are $28.00 per year from Adoption Helper, Box 1353, Southampton, Ontario N0H 2L0 or

The Adoption Process

International Adoption for Canadians
Adoption Council of Canada
Nouvelles en adoption
ADOPT: Assistance Information Support 
Adoptive Families of America
Families with Children from China 
China Adoption Resources (list of web sites)

Travel Information

My Home Town
Weather Underground: Shaoyang, China Weather Conditions


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