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Please be advised that, because of lengthy wait times to complete an adoption from China, Open Arms is no longer accepting new adoption applications at this time

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Open Arms to International Adoption is a not-for-profit organization founded by adoptive families to help adoptive families. We help Canadian families complete international adoptions based on our own experiences as adoptive parents. We are a licensed agency under Ontario's Intercountry Adoption Act, having received our licence on the same day that the licensing provisions of this Act came into force (March 8, 2000). We are also accredited by the China Centre of Adoption Affairs in Beijing.

Since 1991, Open Arms to International Adoption (together with its former sister agency Formons Une Famille in Montreal) has helped over 1,500 children from China find loving homes in Canada. Here's a letter from one of the many families we have helped.


Open Arms to International Adoption is committed to families and children and operate under two strict operating principles:

  • The people of Open Arms--the staff, volunteers, and board members--respect and strictly adhere to all laws, covenants and customs pertaining to adoption both in Canada and China.
  • We will not facilitate an adoption that endangers the well being of the child.

Because of these principles, not once during its history has Open Arms had the Chinese authorities refuse to complete an adoption facilitated by us because of disagreements over adoption procedures or philosophy.


How do you get started?

See why so many families trust their adoptions to the people of Open Arms. First, spend some time with us on this website. You'll find more information about the adoption process, about Open Arms, and a list of adoption resources. Then contact us for more information. We hold regular information sessions and our staff and volunteers are always available to help you.



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